Organic vineyards and farmhouse situated in Yorkville-Highlands AVA


Holistic Farm

Simple, balanced and tasteful
environment for vineyards

Our vineyards were first certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) in 1986 and for over three decades no synthetic pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers have been used.  We also maintain California Certified Sustainable Vineyard status. Nine different varietals are farmed on the coastal influence border and the edge of the Navarro River Watershed.  Our dedicated AVA known as “Yorkville-Highlands” is small in geography but produces high quality organic fruit.  Through dancing with the annual climate swings from cold and moist to dry and hot, this balance of extremes provides our vineyards with a holistic cycle that can be learned across our palette.  From this we are able to provide smooth full body Bordeaux varietals and blends for all different types of wine consumers.

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Unequivocal Varietals

Bordeaux varietals with a unique blend
of organic tastefulness

Yorkville Cellars is first dedicated to sustainability and organic farming. We believe not only should our food be organic but as well as our celebration with wine. We believe that farming organic produces better wine, both for the environment and for our palates. We mostly offer Bordeaux varietals but focus to produce and source fruit from certified organic vineyards. We are always looking to provide our customers with next varietal or vintage of smooth tasteful organic wine.

Recipe Box

We believe great food comes from great farming and ingredients.  Our recipe box has been cultivated for your days in the kitchen and ideas needed for your next great dish.  Please find one more source of a collection of recipes that highlight our unique varietals and estate wines.