Our Wines

Wines Unique and Hidden

Yorkville Cellars was started by design in a rich coastal influence area with two goals in mind: to craft wines with organic values that set the standard for excellence, and to share with customers the hidden values of unique vineyard locations.

We continue to serve these goals today, committing to do whatever is necessary to continue to farm sustainably and provide a unique sense of hospitality in places small communities like Yorkville.

The number of cases we produce is based purely on how much wine we can yield out of our estate grapes and vineyards.  These will change year to year and season to season, but we do our best to maintain sustainability and quality no matter the circumstances.

Our Wines Are Targeted
and Unique

We talk about our wines as being unique because it’s true. Unique is something subjective and highly variable, but we believe this accounts for both in the vineyard and at the winery. Yorkville Cellars has some of the latest harvests in the area. The climate of our vineyards brings variables, which really tests the patience of our decision makers. Each season brings new challenges from the dry heat to the wet rain, all while we maintain focus on the best day to harvest. As we are in the midst of climate change, this brings even more challenges and makes the first glass of the next year’s vintage that much more appreciative.

A Two-Sided Process

We do celebrate the ending of harvest however we cannot let our guard down, no matter how late in the season. As one harvest finishes the start to farming next year’s vintage is quickly brought into focus. Certified organic is a constant balance of attention between the health of our grapes and the delicate process of our wine.