Our History

Shared Passion

Like most good stories, the history of Yorkville Cellars owes much to abundance of shared passion. Yorkville Cellars has been a leader in certified organic vineyards back in the 1980’s. The vineyards were first certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) in 1986; among the earliest in the state. So for over three decades no synthetic pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers have been used. The vineyard’s history of organic certification exemplifies the dedication and values we want to share with the wine consumer.

Growing Organically

As we become more self aware of our surroundings, depleting resources and climate change, Yorkville Cellars is set to expand wine beyond its bottle. Yorkville Cellars is owned and managed by people from the environmental services industry who are constantly looking to maintain sustainable businesses. The passion of sustainable and organic goes beyond a phrase or marketing term, it is a valued practice because we live it.

People from the environmental industry never imagined that their humble passion for organic wine would make for operating an organic winery and vineyard. Together they set a plan to set a new standard for organic sustainable American-made wine elevated from Northern California to among the best wine growing regions in the world.